Beginner to advanced pistol training from the ground up. Prepare at home, to perform in the real world. 



Online pistol training directed at the new and amateur shooter. From the first steps of safe firearm handling to accurately shooting 6 rounds in a second. Using dryfire as the basis for a 70 day workout plan, along with 7 hours of fast-cut video lessons, this program creates a reasonable and affordable habit to guarantee progress. 
From The Ground Up is an extensive training program that builds towards a challenging exit test. Passing the test will confirm you are no longer an average shooter.

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Yes, you can run this entire course from home and skip the three live-fire sessions in the workout plan, however it is highly recommended to have access to a range. The first live-fire session is to experience the behavior of your firearm under recoil, which will allow you to modify any inadequacies in your grip and observe the relationship between an intense focus on maintaining your building blocks of shooting and rounds ending up on target.  The subsequent live-fire sessions track your progress at the mid-point and end-point of the course. If you are focused and thoughtful behind the gun during these sessions you will find that less ammunition goes further. Please reach out via our contact page or social media if you have further questions about kit.

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I thought this was a well packaged course. I'd recommend it for anyone that's getting back into the firearm's world after a long hiatus or even just starting out or a bit confused on where to go once they've got their gun. Like it was said in the course, this is a blend between an "encyclopedia of shooting skills" and teaching points on each one of them.

Coming from a military background I'm used to instructors that preach their way and their way only as the "right way". I didn't find that to be the case at all in this course. There was an incredible amount of options given and we as the student are encouraged to find what works best for our gear and our bodies. The course was also extremely detailed and entertaining enough to want to continue learning more. And lastly, thanks for all the extra info on the forums, that was a good bonus reading other guy's questions and answers to common problems. 


I was already an advanced shooter but Jay's classes thought me about the most important lesson of all, dry fire! And dry fire everyday with method and objectives. This immediatly revealed holes in my technique, holes that I had to imprint out with countless repetitions of....you gessed it, the same boring stuff EVERYDAY! Now it's part of my daily routine just as taking a shower, it's just how it is now. 

I think Jay is the industries best kept secret and I cant recomment him enough. 

An advice to new shooters, forget about the flashy and tacticool stuff, focus on doing the basics at a Master level and you wil be awesome! Citting the words of a Grand Master "You will leave the shooting range as good as you have arrived." Live fire is just the confirmation of your dry fire, if you dont do it, what are you even confirming?!

I wish you all the best in this amazing shooting journey! 


I signed up for your course and been watching your videos. You are hands down one of the best teachers in the firearms industry. The combination of humor and raw info makes for a engaging and easy to retain course. 


As a new shooter, the amount of knowledge and opinions on becoming more proficient with my firearm is overwhelming. Like most of you, I've spent hours on YouTube watching great shooters teach specific techniques or videos that would hopefully troubleshoot my missed shots. Unfortunately, we're left to piece together all these desperate teachings on our own.

I started Shepherd Development shortly after purchasing my first firearm in 2022. The Handgun Training Course truly builds you up from square one. Starting with firearm safety for dry fire practice, gear considerations, and then moving you to a daily dry fire regimen. I found all the video content on this course entertaining and paced well enough to keep me engaged. I often find myself watching videos about specific techniques and discovering new gems of information that didn't resonate with me until I experienced them in my training.

When I started shooting, I always was told to focus on the "fundamentals". This course starts with guiding you through what those fundamentals are (i.e. Building Blocks), demonstrations on why they matter (or why some fundamentals matter more than others), techniques to troubleshoot your missed shots, and a structured dry fire plan that you can continue and shape to your needs long after the last of the course contents are viewed.

If you follow the course and put in the work you will experience improved speed, accuracy, and confidence in your abilities with your firearm. I highly recommend this to shooters of all levels.


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share my excitement because last saturday I managed to get 3rd place in a Chilean national IDPA match. 
I've been shooting since maybe 2011, got more serious about it around 2018 and shot IDPA the full 2019 season. I shot as much as I could afford, even took a couple of classes, but I couldn't rise above 10th to 15th place. Stopped shooting during the pandemic and when I came back last year I was even slower, having issues with shot anticipation, among other things. 
I started with this program on april 12th, and in these few months I went from 12th place to 6th, then 5th and then 3rd place in this most recent match. I'm on day 67 of the program, and am looking forward to the final live fire test so I can measure this progress in a more objective way. I am very grateful of this program because even as I knew years ago that dry fire is the way for improvement, I needed a clear path to follow, just like this one.  




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I done the Metrics this week and get 26" and 29". Done it cold. Really loving this program. I bought others from good instructors known in the industry but this one is second to none. Congrats from Brazil.


Great course. I am an experienced shooter and found a lot of beneficial information to apply to dry and live fire training.


Just amazing ! Thanks for your support and feedback with your experiences


Shepdev program works! I started out feeling nowhere near where I wanted my pistol skill to be. I’ve been doing this program for about six months and improved tremendously at my draw from concealment, marksmanship, followup shot placement, speed and efficient weapon manipulation. The dry-fire drills allowed me to improve dramatically using zero ammunition. Every time I go back to live fire, I have improved. 

This program has given me skills that could save a loved one or innocent. ShepDev is a great instructor and video producer. I can’t believe how much I have improved from an online course. 100% reccomend for all skill levels. I have zero affiliation with Shepdev; I just love the results.


I started the course a week ago and got kind of obsessive about the dry fire training.  I spent 1-4 hours a day on grip, stance and trigger control for 6 days and had a live fire session yesterday (May 1st). In the past, I never felt as comfortable with my G29 as I did with my G19 despite practicing (live fire only). Until yesterday, that is. I can’t overstate how much these dry fire sessions helped me.  I OWN my G29 now

Shots go where I want them; finding the reset has allowed me to send multiple rounds downrange quickly and accurately.  I adjusted my CC holster so that I get that FFG easily.  Sight picture makes more sense to me now. Sight picture consistency with Trigger control on take up and reset was likely the biggest factor to my improved performance.  But I can only do that well if I maintain the right grip form and strength ratio. I already knew most of this stuff intellectually but the process of this course compartmentalized each of these factors so well that when my shots started falling apart again, I could quickly diagnose what I was doing wrong and get back to shooting well.  Usually between shots. I was also able to communicate what I’ve learned to my shooting buddy and he shot better than he ever has after only about 15 minutes of my “instruction” and dry fire prior to going live. And I mean he shot WAY better than he ever has.  

Honestly, his improvement was probably even more impressive than mine. I used to out shoot him significantly but yesterday he closed the gap even compared to my improved capability.  He even shot a few strings tighter than me. This course is amazing.  To get that kind of improvement with zero ammunition cost is astounding.

I’m all in every day now.

I just want to say thanks to Jay and all you guys in here. I still have so much work to do but it’s not overwhelming anymore.  It’s exciting and fun.


My shooting progress had become stagnant. Thanks to this course I started again from basically zero and in 4 months I passed the Metrics Test. I can surely say that my on demand skill has surpassed my previous skill on my best day. Thank you for making this course so reasonably priced and attainable.


Excellent all the way through. Covers all the fundamentals and building blocks to become proficient at an intermediate level. I would like to see a rifle course.


Exceptional course, worth every penny and time invested. Excellent teaching , wheter you are a beginner or experienced, this course will have something to add to your knowledge. Sorry for my bad english.



Are you looking for personalized firearms training? We can work with you to come up with a unique plan to meet your goals and advance your skillset either online or in person at local ranges.




Nous revoyons ensemble les fondamentaux du tir : la visée, la prise en main, le contrôle de détente, la position et la respiration. Les bases nécessaires pour progresser.


Passage au niveau supérieur, êtes vous à l’aise lorsqu’il s’agit de faire mouvement avec votre arme ? Nous voyons tout cela dans une grosse formation de plus de 2h30.